Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Are our voices being heard?

Or is it just a coincidence? The latest missive from the Washington Advocacy Office, a diatribe and call to arms against Judge Alito, includes this boilerplate at the bottom:

Please note that the UUA does not represent or claim to represent the views of individual Unitarian Universalists or individual congregations, but the Association as a whole, as defined by statements approved by the General Assembly. Also, lobbying related to a nomination is an IRS-sanctioned activity for non-profits.

Of course, now I'm left wondering how one can represent the Association as a whole if one doesn't even claim to represent the congregations or the individuals in those congregations... perhaps the staff themselves represent a quorum? I'm also gratified to note that the activity is government sanctioned, but for me it begs the question: just because it's legal to do a thing, does that make it worth doing?

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Bill Baar said...

Pretty messy... I wrote my Senators expressing my support for Alito and telling them I was ashamed of the UUA's position. I did not want them to think the UUA was speaking for me.

Read it here.