Sunday, July 16, 2006

A request for my fellow bloggers

The biggest problem I have with some blogs is not their positions or the quality of their writing- it's their legibility. I can no longer read small type, or type in low-contrast colors without reading glasses, which give me headaches to use with the computer. Have pity on those of us who are not getting any younger, please.


CK said...

Joel, usually you can use your keyboard to make fonts bigger. CTRL and + is a good way.

Fonts are often set at a default, and it depends on your browser's settings. You can also change those by going to one of your menus (it's view > text size) in Firefox.

Hope that helps!

(I agree about colors, though--black on white is always best!)

boyinthebands said...

Also in Firefox -- you do use Firefox, right? -- you can strip out the formatting by going to View > Page Style > No Style. The effect is the web a la 1995, but sometime that's what you need.

Then you can beef up the size as ck said, if needed. Sometimes I have to do that when people get thoughtlessly clever.

Joel Monka said...

Thanks for the suggestions! I use MSN9/explorer, not firefox, and it's already set to largest; even so, some of the blogs appear to be about 8point in size on my screen- and that's often combined with white type on black, or a pastel color on a pastel background. Ouch!