Monday, August 07, 2006

War news

11 dead, seven injured in 72 hours... no, not Beirut, not Haifa, not Baghdad- Indianapolis. So many arrests that 30 criminals a day are released on their own recognizance; not because of their record, but because the jail is so overcrowded that a judge ruled that adding any more would be inhumane. although still more comfortable than the conditions the men and women stationed in Iraq are enduring.

One of the major reasons for this crime spree is Indianapolis’ position as crossroads of the nation; not just for commercial freight operations, but for illegal drugs as well- drug distributors from Mexico are fighting gangs from Chicago for control of the vital hub. Of course, anyone calling for control of our borders is a racist- crying crime is just an excuse. The UUA has the real answer- first legalize the drugs, Of course, drug dealers who will kill other drug dealers to control their market share would never dream of killing a corporate drug representative to control that same market, and impose tighter gun control. One of the gun battles involved automatic weapons- weapons that that have already been illegal for 70 years. But I’m sure that if we went from really illegal to really, really, illegal, they’d stop.

Only an old reactionary could even think of putting any of the blame on the modern “gangsta” urban culture, despite 3 deaths in 3 days at clubs, a number held artificially low by one of the clubs “voluntarily” closing Saturday and Sunday after a Friday killing, obviously the real cause is poverty; we need jobs programs. Of course the gangbangers who wiped out an entire family a couple weeks ago in a home invasion robbery looking for a big stash would gladly lay down their arms for $9.00 an hour jobs. And again, legalizing drugs would drop their prices, naturally, a corporation who obeys OSHA and EPA and FDA and labor laws and union contracts is going to be cheaper than criminals who can ignore all those laws so people wouldn’t have to break the law to afford them. And the young woman convicted recently of pimping her 8 year old daughter to buy crack would have no trouble finding an employer willing to allow her to stay stoned all day long.


UPDATE: Two more murders overnight... 13 in 5 days. With domestic totals like this, who needs foreign terrorists?

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