Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Vindication for CC

Chalicechick has written a lot about WalMart lately, both in her own blog The ChaliceBlog: How being anti-Walmart is hurting the Democrats , and as comments in others. Hers seems to be a minority opinion in the UU blogosphere. This morning’s Indianapolis Star has an editorial, It's not Wal-Mart, stupid; how about important issues?
, that echoes everything CC has ever said about WalMart, including its use as a campaign issue. Interestingly, the author is the Efroymson Professor of Economics at Butler University- and Efroymson was a UU!


Pat Hickey said...

Hi Pete,

Bill Baar coaxed me over to your site.

Here is the Comintern's official view on Andy Stern's SEIU and their agenda ala Wal-Mart & etc.


I'm still a Democrat and proudly so; bruised and bloodied by unbowed: I keep telling Bill - I won't take the 'The Soup.'


Pat Hickey

Joel Monka said...

You might have me confused with someone else- my n ame is Joel