Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Glad for a name change

Years ago when Indianapolis formally changed the name of our World‘s largest Christmas tree to “The Circle of Lights”, ( another view ), many were upset. But after seeing what SeaTac airport has just gone through, I’m glad we acted early to “secularize” the event... could you imagine trying to put up a 284 foot tall, 4,784 light Menorah along side the “Circle of Lights”? Of course, as a Pagan, I’m perfectly happy with a tree...

P.S. the pressures of family events may prevent me from posting again until after Christmas- but this is a good thing. Merry Christmas!

P.P.S. As “Christmas” is a Federal holiday, that was a secular salutation. :)


powderblue said...

If memory serves, didn’t Indianapolis become the country’s largest city *in area* when it annexed all of Marion County? That should give you something to, umm --hang onto, even if you lost your claim to the biggest Christmas tree.

Joel Monka said...

Yes, Indianapolis covers some 400 square miles as a unified city. In fact, though not in law, Indianapolis is actually most of the 9-county central Indiana region. The street numbering system goes out that far, and the only way to tell you've left Indy most of the time is if you see a sign announcing the fact.