Friday, August 17, 2007

Emergency Clergy

KSLA TV, Shreveport, LA, reports reports that Homeland Security is recruiting clergy to help pacify the country if it ever becomes necessary to declare martial law. Just from reading that headline, my first thought was that I couldn’t imagine any UU clergy cooperating with this.

But as I read the body of the story, I had second thoughts. Specifically mentioned as something that would need such help was the confiscation of all guns, as was done in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. I have read some pretty strong gun control opinions from UUs, including the position that only police and officialdom should have guns. So my question for any UU clergy or seminarian who cares to answer is this: Would you, officially or unofficially, assist with the confiscation of guns in a national emergency?


ms. kitty said...

What a hard question to answer quickly, Joel. I would spend a lot of time thinking about the situation first, talking with my colleagues, both UU and others, and would try to make an ethical decision based on the issues present. I suspect that under some circumstances I would participate and under others, I would not. I'm not prepared to decide right now what those circumstances would be, but it would be a matter of careful and prayerful deliberation for me.

Steve Caldwell said...

You may want to check out the "Friendly Atheist" web site for his commentary on this news story:

"Government to Use Clergy to Stop the Madness"