Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I have an axcuse this time...

for not posting recently- as you will have gathered if you've read the Chaliceblog, my beloved and I have been in Washington DC- a second mini-honeymoon to celebrate our tenth anniversary!

It was a wonderful trip all the way around. The flight, both in and out, was fine; clear weather and smooth, and as I had been warned ahead of time, I didn't think the pilot was drunk when we weaved around the Potomac and dodged the Washington monument before landing. As we landed in the middle of the afternoon, the shuttle to the Metro and the Metro itself were not crowded. We had dinner that night at Stars, which I highly reccomend.

We spent a day at the International Spy Museum, and I am now drinking tea from my new Smithsonian mug. (which I got a discount on- you are members, right?) We had our anniversary dinner at Zola's.

We spent a delightful Saturday evening at the Brickskeller with CC and the CSO. If you haven't met them, they speak exactly like they write- we both look forward to the next time we meet. GA, anyone?

I had some deep thoughts at the Spy Museum, but I'll share them later; today is a day for laundry, mail, and other return tasks. Oops- there's the dryer buzzer. Later!


foxchild said...

Happy Anniversary to you!

Robin Edgar said...

I hope that "axcuse" of yours isn't a Freudian slip Joel. . . ;-)

Will said...

You mean you were in town and didn't look me up?! Hard to believe. ;-)

Next time you're here look me up and I'll take you down to see the Great Falls--


Joel Monka said...

Robin- it was a slip, I'm not sure of what type. :)

Will- I totally forgot that you lived there; you don't mention it as often as CC does, I guess. I'll be sure to look you up next time!

Anonymous said...

Is CC as sexy as her blog makes her sound?

Joel Monka said...

Come to the next GA and judge for yourself!

Chalicechick said...

Yes. Yes, she is.