Sunday, October 14, 2007

Are there cats in your house: a quiz

Five points for each phrase you have heard or uttered in your house:

There's a mouse in the bed!

Who barfed on the checkbook?

There's half a mouse in the bed!

Have you seen my earrings? I could have sworn they were on the dresser.

Better look in your shoes before you put them on.

There's hair in the butter!

Eww, I stepped on a bird!

Why are there a dozen old cigarette wrappers under the bed?

Wow, look at the holes in the window screen!

Honey, your pantyhose are on the stairs again.


10 points, there is a cat in your house.
20 points, there are several cats in your house.
30 points, you are probably a Unitarian.
40 points, you are probably a Wiccan.
50 points, you are probably a member of my family.

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