Friday, May 08, 2009

Improbable beauty

I've recommended the blog Waking Up In Dream City before, and his post titled "Improbable beauty" makes me do it again. You see, amongst many, many other things, Gatheringwater is a fine amateur photographer who manages to capture haunting moments. I have stood in the exact spot where he shot the photograph in that post- and didn't capture the moment as he did.

The post before, A Cloud Hanging Over Me, Literally , is archival- he ought to submit it to some contest somewhere. All of his work is really, really good. Check it out.

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Chalicechick said...

He and I had a falling out some time back, but lack of genius was never the man's problem. I'm going to avoid commenting as I seem to dredge up painful memories for him, but I will be reading.

Thanks for the link.