Thursday, June 25, 2009

Some quick notes from GA

I had originally intended to blog from GA itself, during the time between programming, but they want $14/day for access there, which would be in addition to the $10/day I'm paying the hotel for internet, on top of the $13/day for parking, all of which is in addition to the room base rate- which with the GA discount is still $35/day higher than we paid for our hotel in Paris. Ok, that was the 14th Arrondissement, but it felt safer and their beggars smelled better.

You can read about the actual goings-on here , so I'll talk about the first impressions of a first time delegate/attendee instead. The people- everywhere you go, you'll find people you have something in common with; you'll never be at a loss for conversation. The exhibit hall; just like the dealers room at a Star Trek convention, even including the fact that many of them use lingo so specific to their interest that it sounds like an alien language to anyone else. (Wait, scratch "alien"- that's not inclusive enough for this venue. Make that differently genomed star travelers) The staff; so cheerful and helpful it inspires a perverse desire to stomp on their toes just to see if they're capable of losing their temper.

There's more, but it's 12:25 AM, and programming starts early tomorrow... err, later today.


Chalicechick said...

In the past, the exhibit hall has had a bank of computers where you can get on the net or free.

Sucks that they don't have these anymore.


Kari said...

Oh! Laugh out loud! Differently genomed! Ha!

Steve Caldwell said...

FWIW, the GA program guide does say that Church Mutual Insurance Co. does have the free cyber-cafe in the exhibit area.

And "Chalice Spark" does say that there is free wi-fi at The Olive Bistro on 200th, just past the Hilton from the palace.

Good luck getting online and enjoy the trip to and from GA.

Joel Monka said...

The problem with the cyber-cafe is mine; because of severe altitude sickness, I'm having mobility issues- I just can't get there and back in a timely manner without missing something.