Monday, October 23, 2006

Our most intractable sin

That was the subject of Rev. Clear’s sermon of a week ago , one that really intrigued me, and so I thought I’d give it a wider audience. While you’re there, you ought to look at all his sermons- we are truly fortunate to have him here in Indy.

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Bill Baar said...

re: Reinhold Niebuhr, built a theological system around the notion of national hubris. He observed how common it is for nations to think of themselves as standing for the good and the right, and therefore seeing any competing nation as a threat to goodness.

Read Mark L. Kleinman's A World of Hope, A World of Fear
Henry A. Wallace, Reinhold Niebuhr, and American Liberalism
for how Niebuhr evolved from the notions above from Moral Man and Immoral Society to the point where he recognized some regimes so beyond the pale -some politics so absolutely evil- that we do in fact get the crusade between Good and Evil.

Kleinman thought it a bad evolution and that Henry Wallace offered something better, although I don't think he succeeds with the case.

But it is good to see UU's talk about sin.