Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Reflections on my first year blogging

I started this blog on January 11, 2006 with some hopes but few expectations- which was a good thing, as 2006 proved to be a kidney stone of a year- it did pass, but there was pain. Friends and regular readers know that this past year I have dealt with death in the family and the collapse of my business, plus many lesser blows I haven’t bothered my readers with. I’m proud that with all that has gone on in my life I managed to keep the blog going at all- it would have been so easy to let it go, to drop this least important of my burdens when I was feeling overwhelmed. And yet, for reasons I don’t truly understand myself, I did not- I even managed some essays that I’m quite proud of.

Here are some of the posts that have meant the most to me this past year, even though not all of them are my best work, and in no particular order:

Two cat anecdotes, A genuine act of faith , and I wonder

Some thoughts on the UUA: Why I love UU , How UU can grow... , What is to be the UUA’s role in the world? , and Does UU have a center?

Some personal philosophy: Reason in religion , What gets me through the night , My favorite word of reverence , My musings on Moral Authority , and Holiday musings from an Earth centered perspective

And some random moments: Thoughts on food , Lay off of Hammurabi already! , "Think as I think," , In the Midst of Life... , Michael Moore parody , Dark laughter , U.S. energy use , and The myth of overpopulation .

I’m proud of these moments, but there were too few of them- I vow to do better in 2007!

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Z said...

WOW, Joel. I didn't realize that our posts on reflecting on our blogs' relative years were so similar in nature.

I will check in on you more often. I hope you have a better year, my friend.