Thursday, August 21, 2008

Blogging luncheon in Port Townsend

We're still here in the Great North West, but we took a break from family and touristy things to meet with a fellow blogger. We met at the ferry dock, which is a pretty straight shot down 12th from our house.You can just see the bay between the trees at the bottom of the hill.

This hill is every bit as long and steep as it appears, and it seems to be the primary source of income for Port Townsend- it has a 25MPH speed limit, enforced. This means you must either pay tickets or replace your brakes regularly, and either way PT wins.

We got to the docks without getting a ticket, (who cares about the brakes? It's a rental), and immediately found Nemo!

Unfortunately, it was not Nemo we were looking for, but Ms. Kitty . Fortunately, she found me- which is actually a bit scary, as the only photo she had was the one from the top of the blog!

Ginger and I took Ms. Kitty to this little bistro we had found a few days ago when we got lost looking for the post office. Ms. K is in the middle:

(The photo doesn't do Ms. Kitty justice, by the way- it doesn't convey her laugh, or contagious cheer) In the next 105 minutes we very nearly decided who the next Presidents of the UUA and USA should be, almost figured out guidelines for congregations taking political stands, and came that close to settling on a way to get cats to stop playing critter hockey in the living room. A few last anecdotes and we had to get her back to the ferry home. Too short, too short... perhaps we'll meet again in Salt Lake City next year!

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ms. kitty said...

Hey, great minds and all that, Joel! Thanks for the delicious lunch and some great conversation. I just finished writing my post too.