Monday, August 11, 2008

Can anyone identify this medal?

My father was a WWII Veteran, serving first as a civilian employee of the Army Air Corps, then as a member of the Merchant Marine- that being the only service that could get him into the thick of things. (as a polio survivor, he was 4-F) He also had a commission as Ensign in the U.S. Navy, as a radio expert. But he never told us much of what he did in the war. Stories about shipmates, life in England, etc., but very little else. Going over his effects, however, we have found that his service was far more interesting than he ever let on- some of it still classified; we are going to have to file a Freedom Of Information Act paper. Anyway, this decoration was also amongst his stuff, and is the only one we can't identify. Do any of you veterans recognise it?


Anonymous said...

Judging by the ribbon color I do not think it is a military or federal service medal.

Was your father a member of any fraternal organizations, VFW, American Legion, or anything like that?

There are a couple of similar medals on ebay, but neither seller knows what it is either:

Joel Monka said...

Thanks for the tip! It appears to be from what I've researched so far a Masonic medal, awarded to US Masons serving in the military. We should have thought of that!

Cheryl said...

Try contacting the Grissom Air Museum webmaster. They will be willing to see if it is a military medal.