Sunday, December 07, 2008

A new breed of Truther

The term "Truther" was coined to describe those who don't believe the official explanation of the events of 9/11, and insist on their "truth". Since then, people have begun applying that sobriquet to any Moonbat who finds an anonymous Internet poster more credible than the experts who lay their careers and reputations on the line by accepting appointment to a commission or inquiry.

The latest sort of "Truther" is the one who still- a month after the election- believes that Trig is NOT Sarah Palin's child, and that THE TRUTH MUST BE TOLD. Here are just five examples, all from within the last week:

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Caffeinated Politics

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Jack Bog's Blog

A follow up to Jack Bog's earlier post

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Steve Caldwell said...

Perhaps an even better example of the "Truther" phenomenon is the "Barack Obama isn't eligible to be President because he wasn't born in the US and his birth certificate is fake."

Why the stories about Obama's birth certificate will never die

The Obama campaign released his birth certificate and other records.

Even if he were born in Kenya (he wasn't but that doesn't matter to a Truther), he would still be legally eligible to be President because his citizenship status would come from his Mom's citizenship status.

President-elect Obama released the applicable records to the public and the media researched other records (e.g. a birth announcement in the Honolulu newspaper archives). Since there is a "Truther" aspect to this story, these facts don't matter to the "Truthers."

I suspect during the campaign if Gov. Palin had released her medical records like the other three candidates had done and these records had confirmed her pregnancy, Andrew Sullivan would have been satisfied (I read his blog regularly -- he's a thoughtful conservative and brings a different perspective to news stories). I don't know about the other folks writing about this story.

So -- the way to confirm this "potential truther" issue as the real thing would be to release medical records and see how folks like Sullivan react.

If the prevailing reaction is "the records are fakes" and "the media is covering up that they're fakes," then we would have a confirmed "Truther" movement.

Testing this situation to see if a confirmed "Truther" situation is waiting in the wings to take the stage would be an interesting social science experiment.

Joel Monka said...

Yeah, that's another good example. To them, it does matter whether he was born in Kenya, because they quote a difference in the law back then that would invalidate him. I don't know squat about those laws myself, and never investigated,as I find Obama's Hawaiian birth certificate the end of the story.