Thursday, April 16, 2009

Equal rights for Gods and Goddesses?

Remember last October how Joe Biden concealed a statue of the Goddess Diana behind a draped flag when he gave a speech in Pueblo? (See it at The Wild Hunt ) Everyone assumed it was the brass boobies that offended- but maybe not! President Obama gave a speech at Georgetown University Tuesday, and the White House requested a similar cover-up, but in this case it was the name of Jesus that was covered up. Perhaps it was the divinity rather than the cleavage at issue. We could test the issue- ask him to speak at a UU church, and see if the White House asks us to cover up our patron saint


ms. kitty said...

Which is what? A coffee pot? Or no, I guess a patron/matron saint must be a person, so----that nice looking coffee grower who flogs for Folgers?

Joel Monka said...

Yes, if you click on "patron saint", you should get a picture of Juan Valdez.