Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Where readers come from

Do those of you with blogs of your own ever spend time looking at where your readers come from? It can be fascinating. I get a lot of hits from other blog's blogrolls. (Thanks, y'all) But there are other sources- the largest being Google searches- some very interesting ones. Here are some of the recent Google searches that linked to me:
conservative unitarian
marijuana hazards
large uu churches theist
rubin edgar
cuumbaya chords
"peter parker is an asshole"
gay basher forums
nice-what's the original meaning
cause of the war in iraq
silly beliefs
generic chaos magic
another phrase for according to
"conflict with my friend"
quantum god
cubic function for bmi
the word for the definition, to have lost blood
racism programs

Some of those connections are obvious- they're actually tittles of some of my posts. Anything about the war in Iraq is bound to be a popular search, and that Rubin bloke has gotten me a lot of hits, and more than a few have become regular readers. And I can understand a search for gobbledygook or silly beliefs leading right to me... but getting a first-page association with "another phrase for according to"? I know why the search for "peter parker is an asshole" led to me, as that phrase appeared in comments to a post- but who searches for something like that?

Does anyone else get such curious referring links?



Ms. Theologian said...

I get a ton of image searches, especially for the time I interviewed a friend in underwear marketing.

It's fascinating what we can become an "authority" on.

SC Universalist said...

I got enough posts on folks needing information on the Cloud Creek Massacre (a revolutionary war event) that I gave up and wrote a history, just so kids writing term papers can site me ;-)