Sunday, January 30, 2011

An unlikely savior

The scene: New Year's Eve, Red Square, Moscow. The plot: A terrorist bombing in one of the biggest crowds on Earth. Method: A "Black Widow" suicide bomber will wander into the crowd; the brains of the operation watches, waiting for her to be in the perfect position for maximum lethality, then triggers the explosive vest via a message sent to the attached cell phone. The flaw: The device explodes prematurely, killing only the woman wearing it. The explanation: An error assembling the belt? No. A mistake by the bomb handler? No. So what went wrong?

A spam message from the phone company wishing their customers a Happy New Year triggered the bomb. Read more here.

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Chalicechick said...

In related news, you should never use your detanator cell phone to send a text to one of those "Text us something cool and we'll put it on the Jumbotron" things at a hockey game.

I did this in like 2006 and still get occasional text spam from the Washington Capitals.