Thursday, April 13, 2006

Are our voices being heard? Part 2

I received this email today:

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Unitarian Universalist Association
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Thursday, April 13, 2006 2:13 PM
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[UUA-L] A Joint Announcement from the Board of Trustees and theCommission on Appraisal of the Unitarian Universalist Association

Article XV of the Bylaws of the UUA mandates a periodic review of Article II,
the Principles and Purposes
( This
obligatory review is now overdue, and, at the request of the UUA's Board
of Trustees, the UUA's Commission on Appraisal has decided to undertake
the review. It must be stressed that the Commission on Appraisal is
independent of both the UUA's Board of Trustees and Administration. The
role of the Commission is described in section 5.8 of the UUA bylaws
( In short,
the Commission on Appraisal shall "review any function or activity of
the Association which in its judgment will benefit from an independent
review and report its conclusions to a regular General Assembly."
The Commission has been doing serious thinking about the Principles and
their place in the life of our Association for several years and has
discussed their relationship to the theological diversity of our
movement in its last report, Engaging Our Theological Diversity
( The
members of the Commission are excited about undertaking the important
work of this review.
The early stages of the Commission's work will be focused on
establishing a process that will maximize the input of Unitarian
Universalists from across the continent. The Commission is profoundly
sensitive to the implications of this review for Unitarian Universalists
and is committed to carrying out this review in a way that will allow
the members of our congregations to feel confident that their opinions
are heard. While the timetable is not yet determined, recommendations
resulting from the Commission on Appraisal review will be brought
forward for consideration at a future General Assembly.
The Commission's first review hearing will be held at the Ohio-Meadville
District meeting in Columbus, OH, on April 22nd. The Commission's
workshop at the General Assembly in St. Louis will also be devoted to
this issue. In addition to these in-person events, the Commission will
be developing mechanisms by which all Unitarian Universalists can
provide input to the Commission during the course of its work.
Information on how to provide input will be distributed by the various
electronic and print resources of the UUA, including the Commission on
Appraisal's website at For further information,
please email .
-- Deborah J. Weiner
Director of Electronic Communication
Unitarian Universalist Association
25 Beacon Street
Boston, MA 02108

617-742-7025 (FAX)
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