Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Good news for Pagans

The Pope’s latest document stating that only the Catholic, and to a lesser extent, Orthodox, churches are true churches is actually good news for Pagans. From now on, any time someone (Bush? The Veteran’s Administration? the missionaries at your door?) says that your coven/grove/heath/ covenant group is not a real church, if they’re not Catholic or Greek Orthodox you can reply, “Yeah? Well, the Pope says your church isn’t a real church, either- and who has a better theological education, you or the Pope?”


hafidha sofia said...

I'm still bewildered that the Pope used to be a nazi youth. What, did that slip God's mind? I'm not Catholic and my opinion about this means nothing, so I have no problem saying that this guy is bad news and he should never have been named Pope!

Aerolin said...

Found this hilarious - thanks JM!