Monday, July 07, 2008

Apparently, in Provincetown

"sex on the beach" is not a drink. I've seen this story a number of times over the past week, but could never come up with a satisfactory comment. Then I realized that the perfect comment had been made forty years ago.


Steve Caldwell said...

Gee -- Before we talk about the non-consensual nature of having sex in a public space where there's a reasonable chance of being discovered by non-consenting individuals, I'm thinking of more practical issue here.

Sand + lube is just a bad idea.

I did a Google search for "sex on the beach sand lube" -- grains of sand mixed in the lube, sensitive body parts getting sandpapered, sea water washing away natural vaginal lubrication, etc.

The fantasy of sex on the beach may not match up with the reality of abrasive sanding of sensitive body parts.

Robin Edgar said...

Well there are these things called towels Steve. . . ;-)