Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Gustav and the Colts

What's the connection, you ask? Is it a reference to the fact that Peyton's father, Archie Manning, used to play in New Orleans? No. You see, Indianapolis just built a new half a billion dollar stadium for the Colts- but we haven't yet torn down the RCA dome. So when Saints manager Mickey Loomis was told to evacuate the team, he thought of the old dome. I'll let IndyStar sportswriter Bob Kravitz take it from here: "All of this began last week when Loomis made a call to Indianapolis Colts president Bill Polian, checking on the availability of the RCA Dome. Told the dome was a hard-hat area, Loomis and the Saints were offered Lucas Oil Stadium. That's like being given the Taj Mahal after learning the No-Tell Motel has no vacancies. The Saints jumped on a plane Friday morning.

To their great credit, the Colts have helped the Saints in every way possible, giving the team trainers, blocking sleds, towels, Gatorade and even a clubhouse attendant to work their locker room at Lucas Oil Stadium.

They even hooked the Saints up with a local company to do their game-day flip cards and Tuchman Cleaners to do their laundry."

We call that Hoosier Hospitality.*

*Not a reference to I.U. Purdue is still THE Indiana University.

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