Thursday, September 11, 2008

Our changing world

I got a lesson in how the world is constantly changing today.

My beloved, (on the left in our vacation photo), with the "assistance" of one of the cats, was piling things to be loaded in her briefcase this morning. Due perhaps to overly-enthusiastic assistance, the pile fell over, and at the bottom of the pile was a Dutch phrase book. (She bought the book because she's being sent to the Netherlands for her job. Hmph. The only places I ever got sent were Chicago and Cincinnati.)

The book had fallen open to page 134, and something that had fallen atop it drew attention to the following phrase: "Die kleding zou geweldig staan op een hoopje naast mijn bed", which means, " Those clothes would look great in a pile next to my bed".

I can't state for a fact, but I'm morally certain that was not one of the standard phrases we learned in any of my language classes.


Chalicechick said...

And who has time to pile in a situation like that? The Dutch are so finicky.


Joel Monka said...

See, that's the kind of world culture things one learns on a trip. Travel is so broadening!