Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Springer-fication of the Electorate?

That is the title (without the question mark) of the latest blog entry by The Reverend Erik Walker Wikstrom . In it he reprints a letter to the editor he sent to local and national papers, worried about the tone of the Republican campaign.
"I am frightened for my country.
..And culturally, here at home, we're seeing what I've come to think of the "Springerfication" of the electorate.
Think back to the Democratic National Convention--throughout you saw people looking up at the dais through glistening eyes which revealed a spirit of hope and inspiration that permeated the convention hall.
Think of the Republican National Convention--all loud booing and derisive laughter that conveyed a mean spirit, an angry spirit...."

Reverend, please. Yes, Republican bashing is our eighth principle, and yes, we all like to believe that we're the GOOD GUYS, so naturally there must something wrong with the other side. But rationally you must realize that Democrats have no corner on glistening eyes, and Republicans have no corner on mean spiritedness. Do you think eyes were glistening while protesting a Palin speech wearing obscene tee shirts ? (the linked story doesn't say what's on the shirts- photos are here and here ) Or perhaps they were glistening when they vandalized Republican HQ's in Muncie, IN , or Tacoma, Wa , or Rock Hill, SC , or Tampa Bay ? Or were they glistening when they fire-bombed a McCain sign?

Of course Senator Obama is not responsible for these things. In fact, it's not even a question of political parties- here is a story about a pro gay marriage supporter beating an anti gay marriage proposition supporter and destroying his campaign signs. The issue is human frailty, human passions, and the danger of believing your opposition is evil. No one party, and no one candidate is responsible for it, nor can they cure it single-handedly. The only way to stop the "Springer-fication" of politics is to stop believing that your friends are glistening eyed idealists, and their friends are mean spirited villains. Your friends, no matter who you are, are human beings. And so are theirs.

And anyway, Jerry Springer was a Democrat.

UPDATE: Whoopi Goldberg says it better.


Robin Edgar said...

Then of course there is the "Springer-fication" of religion. . . For the record, too many of the U*Us I have the misfortune to know have proven themselves to be "mean spirited" and even "villains" through their well-documented words and actions, hence my picket sign slogan that says -


Yup they're human beings alright, even "Humanists". . . who are responsible for inspiring the following bon mot -

Quite regrettably it is all to human to be inhuman.

I wonder if U*Us are proud of inspiring such a saying?

Bill Baar said...

Geez... some Obama supporters are going to be in for rude wake up come an Obama-Reid-Pelosi regime.... knowing many Chicago Democrats lining up as we speak for the expected contracting larges...I can promise you the view this kind of Liberal-UU sentiment with utter contempt. They're all about business... and the sharping the shears... lining up the sheep.