Monday, January 05, 2009

Yet another meme

This one is from The Chaliceblog, and yes it's a couple weeks late; I've been busy. Yeah, that's a lame excuse, especially since two answers are pretty much the same as hers

1. Aside from reading, my favorite pastimes are -having long conversations, and writing.

2. If I were not a desk driver, I would be -depressed, as there's only one non-desk related job I've ever wanted: Rock star. Given that my musical talents are- and let's be generous- limited, and my vocals make Dylan sound like Pavarotti, that wasn't going to happen.

3. I am irrationally worried about - finding out that I'm normal after all.

4. If I were the opposite sex - my situation in life might be a lot worse than it is. I made a number of really poor decisions in my youth, the consequences of which might have been made worse by being female. Besides- if I were a woman, it's less likely that Ginger would have married me.

5. The thing I miss most about childhood is -umm... err... No! Wait! I got one! No, nevermind. Seriously, I wasn't a particularly happy kid and I wouldn't have any of it back for anything. (CC's answer, stolen whole cloth)

6. I like to collect - pens, fountain and dip. I also have a collection of shot glasses, but I don't collect them because they are glasses- they are souvenirs of places I've been. (souvenirs I could afford)

7. Though I’ve never been there, I feel inexplicably homesick for - Luna City

8. I’ve never really liked to eat - raw oysters.

9. When I have nightmares, they’re usually about - getting lost, which is strange, because I rarely ever get lost.

10. Magazines subscribed to: Popular Science, Popular Mechanics (both much-appreciated gifts), Time Magazine, which I will let lapse- I only took out the subscription for the premium, a nifty desktop AM-FM clock/calendar/calculator/alarm.

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Chalicechick said...

((Besides- if I were a woman, it's less likely that Ginger would have married me.))

I love how this is "less likely" not a certain "no."

Amor does indeed omnia vincit.