Thursday, August 06, 2009

10 Bands I've Never Seen But Would Love to See

RevThom posted his list with three rules:
1. No Resurrections- they must be alive.
2. No Time Travel. You're getting them as they are right now, not as you might remember them from days of yore.
3.Bill Clinton Isn’t Available. He's referring to negotiating skills- If a band has broken up, we need to think that there is a good chance that they might reform and tour again if they are to be included on the list.

Ok, here's my list, in no particular order. In accordance with rule 2, I've included the most recent recordings I could find of the older acts:

1. Melanie. If I have to add her last name, you're not in my generation. For those of you who remember her beautiful eyes and puckish smile, rest assured they're still there, and her music has only gotten better over the years- listen to I Tried To Die Young

2. Loreena McKennitt. She isn't Irish or Scottish- she's a Canadian... but she's no Celine Dion! Listen to The Mummer's Dance

3. The Cranberries. Ok, Dolores O'Riordan is Irish! The Cranberries aren't currently recording, but I think this quote from Dolores satisfies rule 3: "Definitely down the road, but not right now because we’ve all got kids and babies. You can’t really do both – be on the road all the time and be a good parent. To bring kids into the world, you need to be there for them. I’m really enjoying taking things at my own pace." Listen to Zombie

4. Simply Red. And I'd better hurry, because they're on their farewell tour, intending to go their own ways in 2010. Listen to Holding Back the Years

5. Evanescence. Interesting group out of Arkansas. Listen to Call Me When You're Sober

6. Yusuf Islam. He sounds a lot like Cat Stevens and Steven Demetre Georgiou, but older. Listen to Father & Son

7. Al Stewart. The hair is short, white, and not quite all there... but the voice is still there, and the guitar is, if anything, better. Listen to YEAR OF THE CAT

8.Van Morrison. In 1967 I was in love with a Brown Eyed Girl. Van is still playing- listen to Have I Told You Lately?

9. Heather Nova. There's a slew of singer songwriters out there, but a few have their own voices, and she's my current favorite. Listen to This Body

10. Weird Al Yankovic. Listen to The Saga Begins


Anonymous said...

Weird Al has said that he plans to tour in summer of 2010, whether his new album is out then or not. He's utterly worthy of seeing live-puts on a funny, high energy show that rocks hard. His band is seriously excellent, and they've been together since Al got started, no need for Bill Clinton's services. So keep an eye on venues near you next summer. ~OE

Chalicechick said...

Sadly enough, I also have seen Weird Al live, in a small venue at that. (It was theCSO's birthday present several years ago.)

He really does put on quite a show.