Monday, August 10, 2009

Think you know something about art?

Do you think you could separate the million dollar masterpieces of the giants of 20th century art from the fingerpaintings of a four year olds? Sure you can... Try it Don't be embarrassed; most of the experts ABC News tested couldn't, either: "One artist, Victor Acevedo, described one of the children's pieces as "a competent execution of abstract expressionism which was first made famous by de Kooning and Jackson Pollock and others. So it's emulating that style and it's a school of art."

Thanks to John Stossel's new blog


Chalicechick said...

I only missed one, but then I really like abstract expressionism.


Joel Monka said...

Did you score that well because you know the pieces displayed, or could you tell from the quality of the work on unknown-to-you pieces? If the latter, you're missing a lucrative career opportunity.