Thursday, February 07, 2008

Breakthrough in prisoners' rights

The rights of prisoners who belong to minority religions- Wicca, Asatruar, Santeria, etc.- have been argued at the state and federal level for decades, but never at this level before, and never with their own representative speaking. Friday, February 8, for the first time ever, a Wiccan Chaplain will speak at the Commission on Civil Rights in Washington, DC . Rev. Patrick McCollum, a member of Circle Sanctuary Wiccan church and Wiccan and Pagan civil rights activist, was part of the team that got the Pentacle added to the list of religious emblems that may be inscribed on veterans' tombstones, recently became the Director of Prison Chaplaincy for Cherry Hill Seminary, and chair of the National Correctional Chaplaincy Directors Association. He will speak at 9:30 am on Friday, February 8 at U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, 624 Ninth Street NW, Room 540, Washington, DC.

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