Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A special cautionary word for Obama supporters

Remember that the Democratic Party has 796 Superdelegates ; unelected party officials who nonetheless have votes at the convention. It is possible for Obama to win 60% of the elected delegates, and still lose the total delegate vote 48%-52%, if the party regulars break for Senator Clinton... and the Clintons have a lot of markers to call in. If you really want Senator Obama, vote big.


Tyler said...

You are correct about this possibility, and Clinton will probably get a majority of the superdelegates.

Keep in mind though, that outside the DNC officials themselves, the vast majority of these people are ELECTED officials (not unelected), and that it's unlikely that they will vote in a dramatically different manner than their consituencies. Also, many DNC officials aren't exactly enamored with the Clintons.

Will said...

My theory is that no one really likes the Billary combo. But they have raised millions of dollars for the last eight years for lots of people all around the country. And possibly more importantly, they are ruthless as the devil.

Obama gives these people who don't like Billary but are beholden to them and scared of them the chance to throw them over the side. Becuase Obama will come in with the popular vote and what politician can't with a straight face say he's ony voting the way the voters voted?

We'll see. . . .it's been a fun year for political junkies.