Saturday, February 09, 2008

I finally saw "Across The Universe"

Cancellations turned this into a found day for Ginj and me, so we had a nice brunch, complete with newspaper, at our favorite cholesterol cafe, then took a turn through Blockbuster to see if any of the films we missed all summer had come out on DVD yet- we settled on Across The Universe and Elizabeth.

We decided to watch ATU first. I made a huge batch of popcorn in our Theatre II popper, cranked up the volume, and hit play.


Well, it was a true 60's film... by which I mean it would have been a great film with a couple hits of Mr Natural in me.

Now for Elizabeth.


Chalicechick said...

Did NOT like Across the Universe.

DID like Elizabeth, and big time. Didn't like the newer one as much, though the flirty scenes with the lady-in-waiting went over big in my house.


Joel Monka said...

I liked both of the Cate Elizabeth movies, but that may partially be because I'm kind of a collector of "Elizabeth" movies in general- I'm strongly attracted to powerful women. Whether it's Livia, or Boadicea, or Jezebel, or Eleanor, or Elizabeth, or Dame Thatcher- they fascinate me.