Monday, February 11, 2008

What this campaign is all about

Here is the program of all the candidates, summed up in a brief synopsis:


h sofia said...

I don't think I ever want to hear that word again! LOL

Also, for some reason your video is way over to the right side of your page. I'm using Firefox, though, so maybe that's it.

Joel Monka said...

It might be firefox, but I don't know- it looks different in my wife's computer than it does in mine, and we're both using Microsoft. never understand this stuff.*sigh* I'll

h sofia said...

Yeah, it must be Firefox. I pulled your page up in Safari after noticing that the comments to this post were centered across my screen, and your sidebar content was all over the place. But in Safari, the page looks normal. Weird; this never seemed to be an issue before!

I also can't keep up with how/what to do with browser compatibilities. I just say a little prayer before I post.