Friday, September 11, 2009

Some reflections on blogging

I don't do this to get rich; it doesn't pay. I don't do this to be famous. Oh, it's nice to get recognition, but I don't load every post full of searchbot tags, and spamlink myself through comments, relevant or not, on every blog, forum, website, newspaper, and social networking site on Earth like some bloggers do to get attention.

That being the case, I take pride in the readership I do have. I get a hundred and some odd hits a day during slow seasons like right now, a couple hundred during elections or other periods of interest. I have readers in a dozen countries, not just North America and Europe, but even India and Australia. Some check in every day, and it's gratifying to have such devoted readers. On the other hand, some are just a little too devoted.

I have one reader who doesn't just read about me, but writes about me as well, 14 posts, three just in the last four days- my name is a tag on the reader's own blog. Today, on my birthday, the reader checked in 27 times! And all the searches- a couple dozen searches of my name just today. This goes beyond mere fandom; I'm beginning to suspect this fan has a crush on me. Sure, sure, most of the searches are for things like "Joel Monka + flack", or "Joel Monka + asshole", but that's how the immature and socially inept flirt- watch any group of tweeners.

I can't pretend it's not flattering, but I want to state for the record that I am very happily married, and not looking for anything on the side.

I'm also resuming moderation.


Scott said...

For what it's worth, Joel, I enjoy seeing what I do from you and find your voice a nice change of pace. Most of my congregational friends don't think like I do, but your thoughts resonate more with mine.

Thank you for posting.

Chalicechick said...

*blush* What? I have a "pagan Midwesterner" fetish...

Joel Monka said...

I'm sure your flirtation technique would be more sophisticated- an Ian McKellen or Alan Rickman reference at least.

Chalicechick said...

Neither searching under:

Joel monka + sexy black robes


Joel monka + forceful British accent

lead here though oddly enough the Happy Feminist comes up for both.

Joel Monka said...

Whatever happened to the Happy Feminist? I thought she had the best feminist blog ever, and I really miss her.

Chalicechick said...

I figured out who she is and we write sometimes. I've never directly asked, but I think she decided that it would be really bad for her career if she was ever "outed" and didn't want to take the risk.