Thursday, September 10, 2009

Update to "Issues of sex and gender more complex than commonly supposed"

The tests are back on the athlete I wrote about in Issues of sex and gender more complex than commonly supposed , and according to The Sun , she is a hermaphrodite- but it took internal scans to discover it; both gynecological exams and hormone testing of her urine were within female norms. As I said before, the question of sex is more complex than commonly supposed.

That being the case, I have some questions for those who oppose gay marriage: should she be forbidden to marry a man because she does possess testis? (even though it takes a CAT scan to find them) Or should she marry a woman, despite the things they might do when alone? (she does appear normal to a gynecologist) Or do you believe that God intended her to live alone and unloved?

If you said she could marry a man because she feels herself to be a woman, does that mean that her emotional state matters more than the physical realities? Or is that the same as any other "man" who knows inside she's a woman? How would you feel about a man or woman who would marry her?

Or would you tell me what Karrin Murphy told Harry Dresden in Jim Butcher's "White Night", "Stop making me think, I'm believing over here."


Stentor said...

Well said (with the nitpick that despite the way the papers are reporting it, "intersex" is the preferred term rather than "hermaphrodite").

Joel Monka said...

True, but I don't think the Brits are up on that yet.