Sunday, November 28, 2010

Unitarian Universalism as the standard to measure a religion by- plus lampshades, coyotes, and more.

Time to clear out the file of blogpost ideas I've been too busy to do justice to...
A new trend in newspaper and magazine stories about NeoPaganism I've noticed- UUism always enters the discussion. As an example of alternative theologies? No. As in this article, as an example of how small a recognized religion can be, and how quickly a mainstream religion can be overtaken by a growing new faith.

Can a lampshade be haunted? read this before answering.

All around the country, people are wanting public displays of the Ten Commandments. I wouldn't mind if they included a display of The Commandments of Coyote.

I wrote before about the fears that most of the jobs lost in the last three years will never come back, as we are moving from a jobless recovery to a jobless economy. One of the technologies I described as costing us jobs now, and more in the future, is the 3-D printer, and I included a video of Jay Leno 'printing' spare parts for his collector cars. In the short time since that post, the state of the art has progressed to the point that you can 'print' the entire car!

I have never been a fan of modern art, feeling that most of it was weak even as a linoleum design, and wondered how the artists ever made a living. Turns out they had a patron. An eccentric millionaire? No- the CIA!

According to the Daily Mail, it's normal for people to be naked, bound and blindfolded!

A Madison, WI, UU minister, Jane Esbensen, was the subject of a human interest story in the WI Isthmus. They had evidently never run across a minister who said "People who do not believe in God are actually kinder, gentler people," before. I find it reassuring- I had kind of stopped searching out the local UU church in every town I travel to, for fear of not finding it welcoming. But I don't have to worry about Madison, what with her being kinder and gentler than I am.

And lastly, a video of a cat having a bad day at work...

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Did you see it or hear it?

There's a similar effect in politics. When you watch a politician speak on TV or in person, the speaker makes sense; but when you watch it play out in real life, it turns out to be bollocks.