Friday, March 11, 2011

Cats are smarter than Sith Lords

We have a new kitty in the house. Last week an intruder cat entered the house, which normally would have been shooed back out, but he was too pitiful to shoo. An orange tom, scrawny, (How scrawny? We later found out from the vet that he weighs 6.9 lbs. He stands the same height at the shoulder as our Simon, who weighs 12.4 lbs.) he had a bad paw and several owwies on his face. (At least one of which I'm sure our kitties inflicted as he entered the house) Upon closer examination, we could tell he was only half grown, and must have been living hand to mouth. (Paw to maw?)
He was yowling quite piteously, and there was no way we could turn him away when he had risked so much to come in.

After he ate... and ate... and ate... all the while making the funniest noises as he tried to simultaneously purr at us, growl at the other cats, and swallow kibble. In fact, he made a lot of noise; he's by far the most vocal cat in the house. Which immediately suggested a name; he's vocal, he was in Dire Straits- clearly his name was Knopfler.

What's all this to do with Jedis? I'm getting to it, I'm getting to it. When we got Knopfler back from the vet, and he'd had a day to sleep off all the medical attention, he started exploring the house. In the course of this, he discovered the joys of napping in the overstuffed living room chair. Now, this is much disputed turf in our house; he hadn't been in the chair thirty seconds before Simon noticed the fact and tried to hiss him off it. A kitty conversation ensued, and it struck me as very familiar, but I didn't know why- then I realized I was thinking of the third Star Wars movie. The scene I'm thinking of is the end of the battle between Obi-Wan and Anakin, on the high sloped bank of the lava river; they had the same conversation, but with a different ending:

Simon/Anakin, "I'm going to come up there and kick your ass."

Knopfler/Obi-Wan, "Don't try it- I have the high ground."

Simon, "Oh- yes, I see that; I'll be moving along now." Anakin, "Hah! Watch while I... oops... fall to the ground in four separate pieces."

Cats are smarter than Sith lords.


Chalicechick said...

This is the internet. If you're going to write about cats, we need to see cute pictures.

Also, in all fairness to the Sith, he'd only been one for like a few hours at that point. Whether a Sith Apprentice can be a "Lord" seems to have been settled by Count Dooku being called "Lord" in Attack of the Clones so I guess you're not wrong to call him that, but still...


Joel Monka said...

Pictures coming in the near future.

Anakin may have been young, but he did defeat Dooku... but then, perhaps that speaks more to his physical skills than his wisdom.

Chrissykins said...

We have 3 cats....1 a newer male. The other 2 are a 13 year old named Bear (altered male) and a 10 yr. old names Sissy (altered female) We have many conversations here too! Best to leave them to their own devices.
I found you after going to Sunday services with my sister. I asked if there were ANY Conservative UUS...she said NO. I searched, and found you. Any you're a cat person too. :-)

Joel Monka said...

Hi Chrissykins. Yeah, there are a few conservative UUs. Check out the "cats" label; I have a number of cat posts.